biography - Copy

SeanKev, often referred to as “Doctor of the Mix”, is a DJ who was raised in Queens, NY during the 1980’s where he found love for soul, funk and boogie music. Growing up on the streets of New York City, his passion for collecting records began when he started receiving weekly allowance from his parents for school meals. However, instead of paying for the meals, SeanKev would run off to buy several records from the local record store. Even as a youth, he felt that soul music was a way of life and a spiritual pathway to healing oneself.

By 1995, SeanKev had started making mixtapes that catered to the older generation who took him in as a son of soul music. While building his vast collection of abstract boogie and funk records, he became good friends with legendary producer, Boyd Jarvis, who was introduced to him through Ricky Wilcock. Boyd who produced many classics in the 80’s dance scene taught SeanKev about the Paradise Garage which SeanKev’s father was a member of. With this newfound knowledge, SeanKev realized the true value of the dance culture.

Creating a YouTube channel in 2007, SeanKev wanted to connect with the public and share his mixes. He had finally exposed himself to the world and reached out to others who were in search of good quality dance music from the 70’s to early 80’s, favoring house classics from the 80’s to the mid 90’s. He currently continues to mix with 12″ inch records and 45’s as he’s one of the few that keeps the DJ art form alive. Well known in his chosen field. Still humble and spiritual as he was as a child, he believes that the sound of soul music can spiritually heal a person and align their chakras. This theory is proven as SeanKev crusades on to bring feel-good music to the people.